Target Racers, advanced skiers
Construction Sandwich
Lengths 178 cm 173 cm 166 cm
Sidecut 116 – 65 – 100 mm
Radial 17 mt – 14 mt
Base P-TEX 4000 ELECTRA GA - High molecular density


KIT DUEL: ski, Duel plate base high speed preparation Mantec finish, base print, edge 89°.

Optional: Tyrolia binding , duel ski bag

Ski Construction

Preparation ski

The crude ski is preparated with machinery to highest precision . The preparation procedure comes therefore carried out :

  • smooth the base of the ski 
  • tuning on the base 0,5°(easy inversion and good control)
  • lateral edge hand made 87° (good control on the iced snow)
  • base high speed preparation and base print
  • wax with Maplus Race
  • clean wax