4WIN SL 2021

The specialist skis for rapid gates…

The prominent characteristics of this Slalom , that has been developed expecially for races, lies in its ability to do flying rim splices, its stability, its accuracy in entering turns and the immediate acceleration exiting the turn.

Suitable for racers and for all those who want to experience the charm of carving.


Target Racers, advanced skiers
Construction Sandwich(Fiber,carbon, titanal,  wood)
Lenghts 165 cm 155 cm
Sidecut 116 – 64,5 – 100,5 mm 113 – 64,0 – 97,5 mm
Radius 13 mt 13 mt
Base P-TEX 4000 ELECTRA GA - High molecular density


KIT DUEL 4 WIN SL: ski, Duel plate base high speed preparation Mantec finish, base print, edge 87°.

Optional: Tyrolia binding , duel ski bag for 1, 2 e 4 skis

Ski Construction

Preparation ski

The crude ski is preparated with machinery to highest precision . The preparation procedure comes therefore carried out :

  • smooth the base of the ski 
  • tuning on the base 0,5°(easy inversion and good control)
  • lateral edge hand made 87° (good control on the iced snow)
  • base high speed preparation and base print
  • wax with Maplus Race
  • clean wax